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Schultz: "A tough nut we aim to crack"

In the third home match of a still young season, FC St. Pauli entertain league leaders SC Paderborn on Saturday (13.00 CET). In the run-up, head coach Timo Schultz took time out as usual to answer questions from the media.

Timo Schultz on...

...the personnel situation: "The overview is brief. Adam Dźwigała has his boots on again and everyone has been able to take part in training in some form, so I'm confident they'll be available on Saturday. Nikola Vasilj trained with gloves for the first time yesterday and it's now a question of him resuming full training in the next few days. He'd also be fit to play then but it’ll take a few more days."

...going over the Rostock defeat: "We mainly talked about why we had such a first half and why we went into the game like that. It is an issue we as a coaching team want to work on together with the players. You can't just say from on high that's how it was and this is how everything will be fine. You have to get the lads on board and sometimes you need to speak in no uncertain terms. Certain basics such as toughness in the tackle and intensity in our play are simply indispensable, we won't have any success otherwise. What I can't reproach the lads for is a general lack of commitment. We've run and sprinted more than the opposition in every game. At Rostock it was nearly 120 kilometres. We simply weren't there when we needed to be and lacked toughness and conviction. That mustn't happen. Rostock were one step ahead of us. The players have shown a reaction in training this week. They've been really up for it and shown the determination and bite we're looking for. We have to get that on the pitch on Saturday. That's the bottom line."

...opposition SC Paderborn: They're a very flexible team who are constantly changing positions. They aren't top for nothing. They'll be a tough nut to crack. I still remember last year's game when they were one of the best teams to come to the Millerntor. When I was asked about the favourites before the season, I named Paderborn as one. They've confirmed that so far. I'm looking forward to it. Paderborn want to play and like to get forward, so the fans can look forward to a good game."

...the potent Paderborn attack: "We've had more shots inside the penalty area than Paderborn, but they've been very effective and only need five attempts per goal. That's what sets them apart. For us, it'll be about not allowing them to get going or get in behind us. We can't be too attack-minded or take too many risks. It's an interesting assignment for us."

...a belated birthday present: I want the three points regardless of my birthday tomorrow. Not for me, but for the fans, the team and everyone who follows FC St. Pauli."

...potential new signings: "I'm not and never will be a coach who demands new signings. We have a great team and lads I'm one hundred percent sure of and are fun to work with. With almost every player I see he can and will take the next steps. If we feel we can bring someone in who will enrich us and give us another option, we'll do it."

Photo: Witters

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