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Bundesliga 2 takes another break on the first weekend in May, but before it does, the Boys in Brown face another stiff test with two matches in five days. On Wednesday evening (18:30 CET) they go up against a Düsseldorf side with one of the best home records in the division. This morning, head coach Timo Schultz kicked off the week by answering questions from the media at the pre-match news conference.

Timo Schultz on...

…the injury situation: "Igor Matanovic hasn't resumed training yet, he's a young player and so we're a bit more cautious than usual. Otherwise, Christopher Avevor is really the only player missing. We're carrying a few minor knocks from the Würzburg game but nothing that should prevent anyone from running out at Düsseldorf."

…the league table: "I see how much the lads are investing every day and how every individual player is coming on. The patterns we're rehearsing are working better, as we've seen in recent weeks. Our movement is getting sharper in every phase of the game. It's a process that's now reflected in the standings. If anyone had told me in December that we'd have briefly been sixth in week 29, I wouldn't have believed them."

…the reasons for the successful run: "One is definitely the positive development of the team and of individual players. You could see it coming in the first half of the season, but it wasn't reflected in the results. Then there's the boost in confidence. With every win, your confidence and belief in your own ability increases and we're seeing that on the pitch now. And in addition to running a thorough analysis of the situation and then taking the necessary action during the winter break, we've also had a bit of luck on the pitch here and there."

…the verve of his team: "It was great weather and a great pitch against Würzburg and we made a perfect start. If you play with relish then, when are you going to? The lads were really up for it and put some fantastic moves together at times. One of our hallmarks is that we don't try to manage games. We want to get forward all the time. You're also seeing us score lots of goals early on. It's in us now and is another reason why things are going so well at the moment. The lads aren't giving it too much thought, they just want to go out and play."

…opponents Fortuna Düsseldorf: "They've always said they think they have a chance of challenging at the top. The win at Osnabrück has put them in striking distance. In the first half of the season, they constantly picked up three points against the teams they've got next, including us. If they go on another run until the end of the season, you feel they could do it. They're a very experienced second-division side with lots of lads who've played in the Bundesliga. In Rouwen Hennings they have a clinical finisher up front, and they have above-average quality in every department."

…the plans of leading European clubs to launch a Super League: "I've given it much thought, but we're not involved, are we? If that's the case, I think it's daft and nothing for me (he grins). I'm a competitive person and so a competition where you can't get promoted or relegated or qualify for it is not for me. I don't have to see the sense in it, I'm only the coach of an 'average second-division side' after all."


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