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Makienok: "A good feeling about everything"

New signing Simon Makienok hooked up with his new teammates for the first time in Herzlake on Sunday evening before completing his first two training sessions with the squad the following day. In between the two workouts, the 6'6" striker took time out to field questions from the media representatives in attendance, speaking about...

…his first impressions: "I arrived on Sunday evening, so I got to know the players just a little bit. I'd only been around for about ten minutes and had just had time to say hello to everyone when I had to sing a song like all the other new players. It went quite quickly and I was glad to get it over with (he laughs). I then got to know the lads on the training ground during the first session on Monday. I gained a really good impression of the guys and the whole team."

…head coach Timo Schultz: "I spoke to him beforehand and he was one of the main reasons I signed. I have a good feeling about everything and feel a positive and uplifting vibe in the squad."

…his expectations and goals for the new season: "It's difficult for me to comment on that at the moment because I've only just arrived but we want to do better than last season, of course. I haven't set myself a target yet as far as goals are concerned. The main priority for me now is to get to know everybody and get into the best possible shape as soon as possible. Everything else will follow."

…his style of play: "I would describe myself as a strong target No9 who likes to be physical on the pitch. I like to hold the ball up and help the team to get forward. I also like to use my strength and height in the box."

…his character off the pitch: "I'm not the kind of guy who's always joking around in the dressing room, I prefer to do my talking on the pitch, but I've always been good with everybody and easy to talk to. I want to come in and help the team with my experience, especially the young players, both in the dressing room and on the pitch."

…comparisons with Henk Veerman: "I know Henk from the time when he was at Heerenveen and I was playing for Utrecht. We might look alike in terms of our body language and height, but I don't think I'm a similar type of player to him. I come with my own style and my own qualities."

…the different clubs he has played for: "I left Denmark to go to Palermo and it was quite chaotic there. I'd just signed a four-year contract when a new coach came who wanted to play a different way and had no use for me. That was difficult and so I went to England on two different loan deals. After that I didn't want to be on loan any more, I wanted to find a place where it was stable and I could play over a longer period. That's why I went to Utrecht, but unfortunately I injured my knee after about a month and I struggled with it for about a year-and-a-half. When I came back I didn't feel I got enough playing time, so I decided to join Dresden for half a year. While I was there I realised that the second Bundesliga is a good fit for me."

…being infected with Covid-19 in May: "It was very strange to have the infection the whole world is talking about. I was OK, though, I didn't feel ill."


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