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St. Pauli demand clear commitment to 50+1!

Football belongs to all of us. Which is why FC St. Pauli are demanding a clear commitment to the retention of the 50+1 rule ahead of the German Football League meeting this Thursday.

Commercial director Andreas Rettig reiterated the importance of the 50+1 rule for the German game, saying: "We support the retention of the existing rule without reservation. It safeguards the rights of club members to have the final say and, with it, the historical-cultural and social roots. It is the final stop sign for the ever-advancing commercialisation of the game. The retention of the 50+1 rule is not a legal issue, it's a sport-political issue."

Club president Oke Göttlich added: "We're very irritated by the fact that those who stand to benefit the most financially from the discontinuation of 50+1 are the ones pushing loudest for its abolition."

No ifs, no buts: 50+1 must stay!