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Following the 1-0 defeat on Saturday (5 November) at Fortuna Düsseldorf, head coach Timo Schultz and his players were disappointed by the lack of any return for the effort put in.

Head coach Timo Schultz: “Congratulations to Fortuna on the win. They managed to score a goal. We didn’t, so they deservedly won. I’m fed up of hearing that we played well. However, I can’t be critical of my boys. In the minutes before and after the goal in particular, they got through once or twice down the wings, but we defended the crosses well. The goal was a bit of a body blow for the team. But afterwards, we had our first good period. The red card was then a second body blow. We nevertheless repeatedly got into the last third, but couldn’t get our reward. We’ll keep going. There are still six points to play for this year. I don’t see any problem with our mentality. There are one or two things on the pitch that we need to improve. But as coach I certainly can’t complain in terms of enthusiasm in training or effort.”

Lukas Daschner: “We made enough chances to have scored. We were up for it and active, even after going behind. It’s simply disappointing that we didn’t manage to score.”

David Otto: “It’s annoying. We can once again stand here and say that we actually played well. I can’t criticise our performance at all. But we simply didn’t score. I was at fault there too. Just before the end I had a chance. Those things have to hit the target. With a man less we were pushing hard. Though naturally it’s harder to create chances when you’re a man down. We battled well, but then need to make the chances count. We’ve now a chance to quickly put things right again. However, we need to digest the game today.”

Leart Paqarada: “It’s the same again. We play OK and then well with a man less. But if you don’t score, you simply can’t win. As I’ve already been saying over recent weeks. You concede at the back, and we need to invest an awful lot up front to get a goal. We’re all part of it. You can’t win games this way. If I had an explanation, we’d be doing things differently. We do try quite a few things. We changed the formation, and actually looked pretty robust and got our chances. I feel silly myself saying it, but we’ve got to one day finally get our reward.”

Jackson Irvine: “It’s tough to have to broach the same painful subject again. We were, as we so often are, the better team for much of the game. Fortuna had two proper chances, and converted one. Even at 10 men I think we played really well and were the better team right to the end, but let in a much too soft goal.”

Daniel Thioune (Düsseldorf head coach): “I could say now that I wasn’t happy with one or two things, but that would be complete drivel. For weeks now, the lads have been doing an outstanding job. They’re putting in a lot of effort, working very hard against the ball and they take on board our ideas. Ultimately, I agree with what was just said. Football games are decided by the score. I’m happy with that and have nothing more to say.”

Rouwen Hennings (Fortuna Düsseldorf): “I’ve no idea why things go so well against St. Pauli. I think FCSP are better than their position in the table says. There’s not much between a lot of teams. It always comes down to form on the day, and little things decide matches. We’re currently feeling good. You see that in the way we’re playing. We’re creating lots of chances, but have to work hard to do that.”