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Supervisory board lay foundations for continuity and request managing board to stand again

FC St. Pauli will need to make far-reaching strategic decisions in the next few years arising from current developments in the professional game and the club's ability to compete. As an important signal towards ensuring stability, financial solidity and strategic continuity, the club's supervisory board has requested the managing board to stand down at this year's annual general meeting with the aim of standing again for another four-year period of office.

 "The next few years will be decisive for the future orientation of the club and we wish to demonstrate continuity and trust in the people in positions of responsibility," said supervisory board chair Sandra Schwedler. "Together with the managing board, with whose work the supervisory board is very satisfied, we want to shape the next few years successfully for our club. We therefore approached the managing board with our proposal and are glad the proposal was accepted.

In talks between the two boards, the managing board agreed to the proposal of the supervisory board, with the result that Oke Göttlich will stand down as club president along with his four vice-presidents with effect from 22 November 2017 in order to stand as candidates again at the annual general meeting on 23 November 2017.

Regrettably, however, vice-presidents Thomas Happe and Reinher Karl have decided not to put themselves forward for another four-year period of office. "This was anything but an easy decision for us," the two vice-presidents said. "FC St. Pauli, its staff, fans, friends and people who play sport at the club, are close to our hearts and will remain so. Yet the time demands of an honorary post at FC St. Pauli are very challenging. It has been difficult to reconcile the needs of the office, our jobs and our private lives and to do justice to them all. We very much welcome the proposal of the supervisory board and fully support the wish for and pursuit of continuity in a challenging environment. It is therefore the right time to hand over responsibility."

President Oke Göttlich said he regretted their decision and hailed their efforts as vice-presidents. "We owe Thomas Happe and Reinher Karl a great debt of thanks for the honorary work they have done. Tom has maintained an outstanding dialogue with the amateur board, the sections and the members and developed the club's financial operations in line with the desired financial prudence. The same applies to Reinher, who made some key decisions, especially in the legal field. Both will remain important advisers for us in a number of areas in the future."

Oke Göttlich, who has submitted his resignation in writing to the supervisory board, will now present two replacement candidates no later than six weeks before the annual general meeting and, with his new team, stand for election for a further four years on 23 November 2017.