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Supervisory board proposes Göttlich for office of president

The supervisory board of FC St. Pauli will propose current president Oke Göttlich for re-election at the ordinary general meeting. As one of its duties under the club constitution, the supervisory board has conducted an in-depth review of the work of the presidential board. During this structured process, the supervisory board members spent the last few months looking at suitable candidates and assessing them against their vision for a successful future for the club.

"Oke Göttlich and his team have carried out invaluable work over the past seven years, continuously developing FC St. Pauli while placing it on a financially sound and sustainable footing. This has ensured that the club has remained independent, even during a pandemic, and been able to continue steadfastly on its chosen path," said supervisory board chair Sandra Schwedler, explaining the decision. "We're pleased that Oke has already informed the supervisory board that he would like to continue his work as president. We have also approved the candidates Oke has nominated for the office of vice-president."

The candidates for re-election as vice-presidents of FC St. Pauli are Christiane Hollander, Carsten Höltkemeyer and Jochen Winand. The presidential board is completed by Esin Rager, who will assume the office of vice-president on a caretaker basis on 1 July and then stand for election at the general meeting.

Commenting on the supervisory board's decision, Göttlich said: "Esin, Christiane, Jochen, Carsten and I are delighted with the renewed vote of confidence and the opportunity to continue our volunteer work on behalf of FC St. Pauli. As a diverse team of people of different ages, with different networks, different temperaments, yet clear specialisms, patience and the necessary empathy and rationality, we are happy to be at the club's disposal. Dealing with the pandemic situation, ushering in major organisational and infrastructure decisions and working to retain 50+1 and member-run clubs in professional football in Germany are just some of the tasks we want to address and will address.

We've been able to set a lot of balls rolling in the last few years, but we know we still have a long and hard road ahead of us to place FC St. Pauli on an even better footing for the future in trustful cooperation with our members, full-time staff and fans. Another football is possible. Forza!"


Photos: Witters