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It's Thytime at the Millerntor – Lennart Thy will wear the brown-and-white colours again in the second half of the season. As soon as the loan deal with Werder Bremen was done, we had a quick chat with our old and new No18.

Moin Moin Lenny, it was only back in May that we said bye. We didn't expect to see you again so soon ...

Absolutely. I don't think either side thought that (laughs), but it all went very quickly. Perhaps only football comes up with stories like this. I'm delighted to be back at the Millerntor, even if only for half a year.

Have you already been in touch with your old team-mates?

Of course. I never lost touch with Philipp Ziereis, for example. We've visited each other quite often. Just before the move we obviously spoke a lot more. I know almost everyone in the team in any case, so I won't need much time to settle in.

How did you keep track of the Boys in Brown during the first half of the season?

St. Pauli were always on my radar. I watched the games whenever I wasn't in action for Werder.

How will you spend the time before the resumption of training?

I'm with my family at the moment and then off to Vienna for a few days. It's important to clear your mind occasionally. From 2 January we'll be going full throttle again for our common objective.

...staying up.

Correct! We have a tough task ahead but I'm convinced we have enough quality in the squad to achieve our objective. As a former St. Pauli man, keeping the club in this division is obviously something I care about very much. That's why I've been signed.

What number will you wear?

They kept the No18 free just for me in summer (laughs)! Joking aside, I'm really happy to be able to run out with my old shirt number again.

Thanks for talking to us, Lenny!


Photo: Witters