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With pre-season preparations now underway, head coach Timo Schultz took time out at the weekend to update the media on the current state of play.

Timo Schultz on...

...the first day back after the summer break: The first day is always a bit helter-skelter. There's lots for the lads to talk about, such as the new kit, new boots and where they’re sitting in the dressing room. There are a few organisational things to sort out as well. There was no big hello today, that will come in the next few weeks."

...occupying yourself in the time without football: "The break was relatively short. You use the time to switch off and do other things with friends and family, of course. During my playing days I was already looking forward to seeing the boys and playing football again ten days in and it's no different now. I'm glad to be back."

...his first impressions of the new recruits: "You obviously spend a lot of time familiarising yourself with the new players in the run-up. It's their first time in St. Pauli gear and interacting with their new teammates. They're intelligent lads who are a good fit with the club and have settled in straight away. They're young players wanting to take the next step with us. We have a lot of confidence in them and they'll be battling for a regular first-team spot right away. Like everyone else, they'll be trying to showcase themselves with a view to playing on the opening day."

...the situation with the goalkeepers: "Today is the first day of training and I won't be handing out any first-team slots on day one. Dennis has performed to a high level, as we saw. He's done a lot of work on his physique and has progressed personally as well. We're very pleased with him, he's definitely staked a claim."

...new goalkeeper coach Marco Knoop: "We've found someone who has worked at the highest level and is a good fit personally as well. Every coach has a different approach and I hope he'll keep the keepers busy and ideally develop them in the right direction."

Timo Schultz observes the first day of training

Timo Schultz observes the first day of training

...Guido Burgstaller: "We've always had a good relationship. The next few days and week will show what happens next. We know the situation he's in and we'll discuss it without any fuss."

...Daniel-Kofi Kyereh: "Kofi will be part of my plans as long as he has a contract and Andreas [Bornemann] doesn't tell me any different. I know the business and what can happen, of course, but otherwise I'm concerning myself with the players who are here now. I have enough to do with that. Generally speaking, we have brought on lads who can play in that position."

...Igor Matanovic: "Igor was still playing a few days ago and will have some extra holiday until 20 June now. He's definitely fired up again."

...Jannes Wieckhoff: "The plan was for him to be involved when we resume. We can ease him back into training now."

...Marcel Beifus: "He had an upset stomach early in the week and so he just had some time on the bike today. I expect him to be back tomorrow."

...Christian Viet and Marvin Senger: "I know both of them from the youth system. They're both great lads and the next few weeks will show what happens next for them as well. They have the opportunity to showcase themselves here."

...Connor Metcalfe: "Connor had a long season and was given some extra time off accordingly but he'll arrive here later in the week."

...Jackson Irvine: "Jackson still has the game against Peru and will then have two weeks off before coming back here. We're keeping our fingers crossed for him, of course, and will watch the game."

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