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There was huge disappointment in the camp after the 4-1 reverse at Union Berlin. We spoke to some of the players in the mixed zone.

Christopher Buchtmann: "The first half was pretty decent. We kept our shape well against one of the league's best teams – until the two throw-ins. We gave Union two presents. That obviously gave them a lift and left us chasing a two-goal deficit, which is always tough here. We'll analyse the game in detail now and with the fans behind us we'll be looking to show a reaction against Cologne."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "Everything was fine until the 40th minute. We had the game under control and then we concede two goals from throw-ins. When you give away goals like that, you won't win any game in this league. With the lead behind them, Union had the game they wanted. We have to draw a line under it quickly."

Robin Himmelmann: "It's disappointing, of course. The first half was evenly balanced. Neither side had many chances and yet we still went in two down at half-time. The game was just about over after the third goal." 

Marvin Knoll: "The story of the game doesn't take much telling. Not a lot happened in the first 40 minutes, but at this level mistakes are punished right away. We're caught napping twice and then things take their course." 

Photos: Witters