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The main item on the itinerary on day four in America was a seven-hour road trip to Buffalo, where the Boys in Brown will contest the second of two friendly matches of their US tour on Saturday.

After the Supporters Night at the East River Bar and a correspondingly short night, Korbinian Müller and Daniel Buballa, among others, took the opportunity for another light run through Central Park in the morning. It had to be a quick one, though, because just after 11am it was time to say goodbye to the Big Apple. Once the brown-and-white tour bus had been loaded up, the delegation set off on the 600 kilometre, seven-hour journey to Buffalo.

After four-and-half hours and around 200 miles (approx. 320 kilometres), and thus just over halfway, the bus stopped in the small town of Owego to allow the players to stretch their legs and have a bite to eat at The Owego Kitchen (salads, sandwiches, pasta). The restaurant stands at the site where women’s rights advocate Belva A. Lockwood once owned and operated a girls’ seminary. The attorney was the first woman to run for President of the United States in 1884.

Suitably refreshed, the delegation continued on the second leg of their journey at half-past-three local time, arriving in Buffalo at around 7.30pm.


Photos: FC St. Pauli