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The final day of the US tour took the Boys in Brown to Niagara Falls on their way to the airport in Toronto. Some members of the delegation did not board the flight, however, instead taking the opportunity to watch some football ahead of a visit to one of the club's sponsors.

The St. Pauli party left Buffalo for Toronto at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. On the way, there was time to savour the magnificent sights on offer at Niagara Falls. "It was a highlight for all of us," said a visibly impressed Sami Allagui.

After an hour at the Falls, the journey continued to Toronto Airport, where most of the delegation boarded a plane back to Frankfurt. "We've had a lot of fun this week and perhaps we'll see each other again next year," said Daniel Buballa, drawing a positive conclusion before departure.

A small group of staff and officials stayed behind in the States, however, and spent Sunday evening watching the MLS clash between Toronto FC and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Next up for the seven-strong delegation is a trip to Lynchburg, a small town south of Nashville, Tennessee, to pay a visit to new sponsor Jack Daniels. The party is made up of the following people:

  • Oke Göttlich (club president)
  • Bernd von Geldern (Head of Merchandise)
  • Sönke Goldbeck (supervisory board member)
  • Martin Drust (Head of Marketing)
  • Dirk Schlünz (Head of Sponsorship and Hospitality)
  • Christoph Pieper (Head of Communications)
  • Anne Kunze (Deputy Head of Communications & Social Media Editor)


Photos: FC St. Pauli

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