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The Boys in Brown may have suffered their fifth defeat in a row at Erzgebirge Aue but there was still a reason to be cheerful, as Henk Veerman made his first start in 11 months and gave a good performance. The striker was not satisfied with his return despite scoring, however. After training on Sunday, Veerman spoke to the Hamburg media about…

…the defeat at Aue: "We're all feeling bad. We know we can do better. We have to defend better and attack better. The good thing about football is that you soon get another chance to do things better. We're now focusing solely on the next game. We want to and must win against Hannover to start feeling good again. I know we have the quality to win the game."

…his return to action: "I'm happy to have made my first start after such a long time and get on the scoresheet. The mood was subdued after the defeat, however, so it wasn't a perfect return for me. Just after I scored, I had a good chance to equalise when I had a bit of luck to get the ball. With a bit more luck the game could have turned in that moment. I had cramp everywhere after the game but that's normal. I feel good and strong."

…a possible handball before his goal: "I would say it was 95% stomach and a tiny bit of hand when I controlled the ball. I didn't know whether the goal would count when it went in. I had to wait for the VAR."

…the many wasted corners: "I don't know why we couldn't make more of them. We try every week to make them more dangerous. We just have to keep practising and do better."


Photos: Witters

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