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Vice-president Joachim Pawlik informed the club's supervisory and presidential boards a few weeks ago of his intention to step down. Pawlik, who took office in 2014, subsequently agreed with his colleagues to vacate his position, a step he found exceedingly difficult to take, at the official end of the 2019-20 season. As managing partner of his consultancy firm PAWLIK Consultants GmbH, the 55-year-old no longer feels able to undertake the time-consuming voluntary role of vice-president to the extent he has always demanded of himself.

Following the decision, the presidential board, made up of president Oke Göttlich and the vice-presidents Christiane Hollander, Jochen Winand and Carsten Höltkemeyer, will continue to operate with four members, as permitted by the club constitution, and share out Pawlik's duties and responsibilities among themselves.

Commenting on his decision, Pawlik said: "It was an exceedingly difficult step to take. The working relationship with my colleagues on the presidential and supervisory boards over the last six years has been shaped by a high degree of trust and commitment. Together we have done much of what we set out to do. I will continue to support the club and the people in charge and maintain close friendship ties with them."

President Oke Göttlich expressed his regret over Pawlik's move, saying: "Joachim has taken a personal decision which against the background of the current situation is a shame but understandable. Anyone who knows Joachim knows that he discharges all his duties to the highest standards and full of energy. We owe him a great debt of thanks. The huge effort Joachim has put into his voluntary role for the club alongside his time-consuming managing director job cannot be taken for granted. Joachim had a major hand in driving forward the strategically invaluable decisions needed to buy back the merchandising rights in 2015 and take charge of our own marketing last summer. In doing so, he laid down important foundations for the club's future."

Supervisory board chair Sandra Schwedler also expressed regret: "We will miss the passion and energy with which Joachim has driven forward the individual projects in recent years. I'm pleased he will retain his close ties with the club, however, and continue to assist us in various ways in future."


Photos: Witters