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'We definitely wanted to get the win'

Following the 3-1 victory for St Pauli against SV Wehen Wiesbaden at the Millerntor on Saturday (14.12), we caught up with some obviously relieved Boys in Brown in the Mixed Zone.

Marvin Knoll: "It's a great feeling. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck at the end but I'll able to celebrate in the dressing room. I was actually letting the ball run and I thought that Robin was coming. Then I wanted to play it back and I didn't do it and then my right foot wasn't good enough and he nipped in to score. The win was more than deserved today. Fortunately, we got our just desserts today. The belief we could win a game again was there. We had a good team spirit on the pitch, we're happy with every tackle and we got stuck into the challenges. On top of that, we had a good plan and a sensible mix in pressing. Beyond that we had the necessary calm on the ball. We need to take this good feeling into the next match against Bielefeld."

Luca Zander: "We definitely wanted to get the win. After it was 1-1, it was very important that we continued to believe we could win. I felt everybody did that. That's why we deserved to win the game today. When we conceded, my first thought was that we had to keep our heads up. Things like that happen and in situations like that you have to stick together. We said that before the game and we have to do it when we have a setback like that. We tried over the 90 minutes to show we were the better team. We've got a week left before the winter break and we have to maintain that feeling."

Viktor Gyökeres: "It's a very important win. We controlled the game most of the time and played well. The equaliser at 1-1 was typical for the games we've had recently. We were in control of the game and still managed to concede. Of course, that was unlucky but also it was a very good finish. After the 1-1, we were in a bit of a state of shock but then we said we have to carry on. I've played more in recent games and got used to the position on the wing and I feel better now. At the end of the day, we deserved the win. Of course, it feels great."

Henk Veerman: "I'm very happy. In situations like that, it's not easy if we make a mistake that leads to a goal. It's very good for us when we hit back like that. It wasn’t my best game today but I'm very happy because of the goal. Confidence isn't the problem. We have to keep on going and then we can be successful. The fact we won late on is very good mentally."

Rico Benatelli: "I'm happy I was able to make my debut for St Pauli. Of course, I enjoyed being on the pitch very much. It's great fun to play for this club and these fans and it definitely felt really great. And it's topped off by us winning. It's been a long time since my last match in the second division so I needed a bit of time to get into the game. But then I wanted the ball, asked for it and then passed it on. It was satisfactory for a first time. The fans drove us on. In the closing stages, we pulled off two great counter-attacks. I'm over the moon that the strikers got there just deserts today."



Photo: Witters