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The Boys in Brown pushed themselves to the limit again at Wehen Wiesbaden, coming from behind to win 2-1 and bring the championship shield to Hamburg. Players and head coach alike were obviously ecstatic after the final whistle.

Head coach Fabian Hürzeler: "The game was a mirror image of the whole season. We dominated, played some very structured football and accepted the challenge after going behind somewhat out of the blue. We were composed and stayed in our structure. Then, two players who haven't really played much under me, but have always put the success of the team and the club first, come on and get the goals. I'm absolutely delighted because that's been our hallmark all season. This sense of togetherness, this being there for each other, this being happy for each other and the support for each other. It's been really special this season. I hadn't fully grasped the significance of winning the league in the run-up, but it became crystal clear to me during and after the game. I'm pleased for the team, the club and the fans, whose support has been fantastic, not just today but throughout the campaign. I'm just so happy to win the league. I wish Wiesbaden and Nils all the best in the relegation play-off and am keeping my fingers crossed."

Jackson Irvine: "There's no better way to win the league, especially through the two lads. It shows the energy in the team and that you need every player. Andreas and Danel haven't played as much as others, but they were there when needed today and created some big moments. And when I think of Scott – simply incredible. We sat down together on day one and said not only do we want to get promoted but we also want to go up as champions. That was the level we set, and every day we said we had to reach that level. Everyone showed that intensity during a tough campaign and so winning the league is an accolade for us all. I didn't know what Kiel were doing at Hannover during the game. At half-time someone said we had to win the game. We wanted it and did it as a group and that's why we're the best team this season."

Andreas Albers: "It hasn't been an easy season for me and not one I've experienced before in my career. Last night I dreamed about ending a season without a goal for the first time, but the dream out on the pitch was totally different. It was great. The emotions that go through your body are incredible! It was important for me to be able to show that I can still compete after a long season with little playing time. I'm also delighted for Danel, who's been in a similar situation to me this season."

Danel Sinani: "It's hard for me to realise what's happened so soon after the final whistle. We celebrated promotion last week and finished as champions today. We've worked hard all year, there've been highs and lows, and now we've won the title. Tomorrow we'll party really hard, it's going to be wild."

Nils Döring (Wehen Wiesbaden head coach): "Congratulations to Fabi on the win and the league title, which you richly deserve. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions today. I apologised to the team for my reaction after the game, I was full of emotions and adrenalin. Huge compliments to my team for the way they fought and played against a top side from the very first minute. We forced the goal. The lads threw everything at it, and in Flo we had an outstanding keeper again. We're happy to play in the relegation play-off."


Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters