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A strong performance wasn't enough to give the Boys in Brown victory over Wehen Wiesbaden in the final game of the year. Accordingly, the mood in the camp after the final whistle was one of disappointment. Here's the pick of the post-match reaction.

Head coach Fabian Hürzeler: "We made a very good start. We dominated the game, our positional play was very good and we were able to get in behind them. We created some great chances and defended the counterattacks well. We got our reward with the opening goal and went in search of a second instead of trying to administer the one-goal lead, which was very positive. In football you're sometimes punished for the tiniest mistakes. We have to take the blame for failing to keep a clean sheet yet again, which is normally one of our strengths. It's our identity, too, and it was missing today. There are reasons for that. We need to make some minor adjustments and that's what we'll do. We'll analyse exactly what's going wrong when we concede and how the opposition create chances. The analysis will take in the entire first half of the season so that we can draw the right conclusions. We'll try to put it right at training camp, but we also saw a lot of positives today. We keep getting accused of not finding enough solutions against teams who sit back. Today was a step in the right direction, but all things said it's a disappointing result for us today. We go away with a feeling of dissatisfaction. We'll work hard to ensure we don't that feeling so often in the second half of the season."

Jackson Irvine: "We totally dominated the game from start to finish and still didn't win. Some teams in this league only need a few chances and that was the case again today. We're obviously extremely frustrated. We had lots of really good chances, me included. I also lost the ball before their goal, which is really annoying. We had lots of really good chances and end up talking about the same thing. We gave it all we had but didn't take our chances. Nobody deliberately shoots wide or at the keeper, who was fantastic today. The goal hasn't been going in as we'd like recently and it's hard to say why that is. We're doing a lot of things right and making progress when I consider the way we found solutions against a deep block. It was really good today but we only scored one. We have time now to reflect. We can take a lot of positives into the second half of the season from the last few months and today's game."

Marcel Hartel: "We're all disappointed at not taking three points today. We were by far the better team and had some excellent chances to settle it after the opening goal, but we've not been doing that recently. We have to take the blame for that. We've had games this season with lots of clear-cut chances but I haven't experienced many games in my career with so many clear-cut chances as we had today. The Wiesbaden keeper was outstanding today. Wiesbaden had two chances at the end and scored with one of them. We have to get our heads free during the break to start the preparations fully focused. We'll go again in January and put an end to our current habit of not seeing leads through to the end. We've had a really good season so far even if we didn't do enough for three points today. We can go into the break feeling confident and have to keep believing in ourselves."

Markus Kauczinski (Wiesbaden head coach): "The first half totally belonged to St. Pauli. We couldn't escape their stranglehold. We were left chasing a lot, but we did that and we plugged the gaps. We didn't do enough on the ball and weren't brave enough in the first half. We resolved to do that better in the second and even though we conceded early I felt we were more in it. We had a few counterattacks and our keeper did well here and there. St. Pauli had a lot of chances but we always had a foot in the way and defended with heart and passion. Hats off to my team for the way they fought. John Iredale is an incredibly powerful player and had already hit the bar before he exploited that power to score the equaliser. We fought hard for it and I'm proud of my team for the effort they put in today."


Photos: FC St. Pauli / Witters