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No doubt about it, it was almost a perfect Saturday for the Boys in Brown. If there was anything to quibble about, it was the finishing, though that should take nothing away from a hugely impressive display. The post-match reaction to the 4-0 home win over Kickers Würzburg…

Head coach Timo Schultz: " The game began really well for us. We got the ball forward and took the lead with our first attempt. That played into our hands. After that, and I said this to the lads straight after the game, it was a dominant performance from front to back. We gave hardly anything away at the back. That was our focus today. We didn't want to give Würzburg a look-in, especially in our defensive cover, or the opportunity to shift into transition. We know we can create chances up front, and the lads did that really well today. They went full throttle today and were willing to put the sprints in to get behind the backline throughout. That allowed us to knock the ball in behind or it opened up spaces in front of the backline. That was a key factor for the performance today because we kept creating the spaces to put the diagonal balls in."

Dejan Stojanović: "Everything we set out to do came off today. We took a relatively early lead and then extended it. We were alert throughout and mastered the task well. A deserved victory."

Leart Paqarada: "I'd have taken an easy goal today but all the better that my first was such a nice one. Confidence is playing a huge role at the moment, we're really enjoying our football. The dominance with which we're playing is superb. It's tremendous fun. We'll continue to do well to forget the table and keep taking each game as it comes. That's served us well so far and we aren't about to change it."

Rico Benatelli: "Today I got up for a set piece and found myself in the right place. I'm obviously delighted to have scored. At half-time, we set out to carry on where we'd left off before the break. We wanted to see the game out properly, which we did and is very pleasing. We face a very tough test at Düsseldorf on Wednesday and that's all we're focusing on now."

Maximilian Dittgen: "First of all, I'm happy to have played from start to finish again, which hadn't happened since the game at Würzburg. I really enjoyed it today, it was huge fun, which you could see from the sidelines. The patterns are working, everyone knows what he has to do. You get results like this one when that's the case."

Christian Viet: "It was fun and felt good. We played very well and knocked the ball around nicely. We should have taken our chances better and attacked the goal more resolutely."

Ralf Santelli (Würzburg head coach): "I'm seriously considering apologising to Timo Schultz for not taking anything out of his team in terms of his workload management. Conversely, it's bitterly disappointing for us because we lacked everything you need when you're fighting relegation. We showed absolutely nothing today, without wanting to take anything away from the St. Pauli performance. They were excellent today and exploited the gaps we opened up for them. We didn't want to make things so easy for them today, but all in all our performance was non-existent."

Christian Strohdiek (Kickers Würzburg): "We've gained so much confidence in recent weeks and had high ambitions but that was our worst performance by some distance today. It wasn't good enough for the third division let alone the second. We lacked everything you can call football in every area. It's disappointing and hard to put into words."

Fabian Giefer (Kickers Würzburg): "We set out to do so much better but came up against an extremely good team today. St. Pauli are probably the best team in the league at the moment, the form they're in. We didn't find the performance we were targeting today. If there's anything positive about today's game, it's the fact that it was today and here that we failed to perform. To take something from the game today, we'd have had to go to the limit and hoped that St. Pauli had an off day. That wasn't the case, unfortunately, they nullified us relatively quickly and never let us get into the game."


Photos: Witters



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