FC St. Pauli TV

Don't want to miss any more St. Pauli games? No problem! FC St. Pauli TV is the solution. Shortly after the final whistle, you’ll find Bundesliga, DFB Cup, and selected friendly matches in full length and as highlights on demand. From this season, English commentary is available three hours after the final whistle for all our must-win matches, making it possible for fans all over the world to follow our progress.
What is FC St. Pauli TV?
  • Everything on demand - all competitive matches plus selected friendlies shortly after the final whistle - in full length and as highlights. Now with English commentary three hours after the final whistle.
  • Full analysis - performance, dominance or goal probability. You see how the game was, is and perhaps will be. Key events are highlighted in the player and live ticker and can be clicked on direct. (Only available in German)
  • Individual summaries – If you don't have time to watch the entire match, but don't want to miss anything, summaries in different lengths offer you the best of the action in condensed form. Now available with English commentary.
  • Comprehensive matchday coverage - press conferences, interviews, training reports offer the best-possible preparation for the match. (Only available in German)
  • Full club coverage - You want to stay up to date? Our Short & Sweet service delivers weekly updates on the latest from the club. . (Only available in German)
  • Exclusive footage of the Boys in Brown away from the daily training routine - What makes our boys tick? What are their strengths on the pitch and what hobbies do they pursue off it? (Only available in German)
To access content from FC St. Pauli TV, you need an account and a valid subscription. Register now and start streaming! Still have questions? You can find the answers in our FAQs!