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Back Market sponsors FC St. Pauli’s e-Football team

To celebrate the start of Bundesliga’s new virtual season, this November we’re partnering with Back Market – the leading online marketplace for premium refurbished technology – to sponsor the virtual Boys in Brown. With sustainability at the forefront of their business, we encourage St. Pauli supporters to demonstrate the same planet-friendly values.  Keep your eye out for joint activities throughout the season, alongside Back Market’s brand logo which will feature front and centre on the eFootballers’ new shirts.

Martin Geisthardt, Head of Marketing: “We’re delighted to have convinced Back Market to become involved in FC St. Pauli. Together, we would like to raise awareness for the fact that sustainability begins with more conscious buying decisions and that refurbished mobile phones and tablets can definitely be a very good alternative to the purchase of a new device.” 

Alexandra Walker, Director of Global Media at Back Market: “In our talks with FC St. Pauli officials, we were quickly drawn in by our common values and the team’s credible commitment to sustainability. The eFootballers of FC St. Pauli and the platform offered by the national and international competitions – coupled with a strong digital connection – are the perfect framework to demonstrate our commitment to refurbished tech.”

Photos: FC St. Pauli

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