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Surfshark new FCSP partner for digital security

A VPN is like a solid defensive strategy for your online presence. It allows you to outscore the hackers and virtually travel the world. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with an industry-leading VPN, Surfshark!

By subscribing to Surfshark, you can browse privately, block ads and malware that get in your way, and more. And these are only a glimpse of Surfshark's capabilities.

St. Pauli and Surfshark are now uniting to champion digital security for passionate sports enthusiasts — the St. Pauli fan base.

Surfshark will award you a special offer — over 80% off + 3 free months of Surfshark VPN. More information here!

We are thrilled to start working on a safer online future with Surfshark. We hope you are too! Join us in this defensive lineup to protect what matters most.

Photos: FC St. Pauli