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Scores of tickets for the home game against Hamburger SV on 10 March that have been offered for sale on the platforms Viagogo and eBay Classifieds have been voided by the club. As every fan should know, FC St. Pauli does not hesitate to act against ticket touts by imposing penalties, cancelling tickets and issuing stadium bans. With its official secondary market, the club offers a reliable and lawful platform for selling spare tickets, allowing people a chance to get hold of one even if the game has already sold out, like the derby.

In the run-up to the reverse fixture last September, the media was full of reports about the reselling of tickets at prices well over face value. As we are now experiencing a similar situation, as was to be expected, we wish to take a stand against the sale of tickets on the black market and inform the public about the measures we are taking to counter unauthorised resale activities.


Around ten days before the home game against HSV, a host of tickets have already been voided and cancelled. Anyone who still feels the need to make money by selling tickets despite warnings to the contrary by the club and the media coverage surrounding the reverse fixture must be prepared to face the consequences.

As the tickets for the derby were mostly sold to members of the club, anyone reselling them should also expect to have their membership rescinded. On a positive note, due to the high level of awareness among fans for this issue and the fact that there was no general sale, the number of tickets offered for sale on unauthorised platforms is only in the mid double-digit range, albeit at vastly inflated prices.

Since the beginning of this season, FC St. Pauli has been working with a legal firm from Karlsruhe to combat unauthorised ticket reselling, identify those responsible and pursue them through the courts. Additional action in the area of ticket enforcement will also be taken in future.


Tickets for the derby costing several thousand euros were already being offered for sale on Viagogo last autumn. It should be noted that ticket platforms such as Viagogo are deemed to be unauthorised for the resale of tickets under our Standard Ticket Terms and Conditions (ATGB). Tickets traded there will be voided by the club and action taken against the seller.

At the moment, tickets for the derby are being offered on Viagogo at prices ranging from 352 to 88,075 euros (!), which is just a tad over face value. Original prices of up to 760 euros per ticket are being quoted on this platform, which are definitely false but could influence potential purchasers in their decision whether to buy or not.

The resale of tickets over face value goes against the interest of FC St. Pauli, which is to supply as many fans as possible with tickets at socially acceptable prices. To protect its image, the club wishes to take this opportunity to distance itself from Viagogo again, as the incorrect assumption of the potential purchaser could give the impression that the Viagogo website is an official resale platform of the club.


In recent weeks, we have also received emails from people who have fallen victim to fraudsters in respect of the derby. Apart from the fact that online marketplaces such as eBay Classifieds are not approved for the resale of tickets under our T&Cs, we have to warn against the use of such platforms to buy tickets (and not only because we will void all tickets offered for sale there). In the cases brought to our attention, tickets were sold but not delivered once payment had been made.


+ Resale via the official secondary market (Clubsale). Possible at fair prices set by FC St. Pauli until just before kick-off

+ Tickets may be passed to the AFM for their matchday ticket exchange

+ Tickets may be passed to friends and acquaintances (in compliance with the T&Cs)

+ Sale on the day of the game at face value (to be on the safe side, please enter the ground with the buyer!)


- Resale via unauthorised ticket platforms such as Viagogo, Ticketbande and Co.!

- Resale via unauthorised online marketplaces such as eBay Classifieds – not even at face value.

- Sale of tickets via online auction houses such as eBay


FC St. Pauli offers a secure and reliable platform for the sale and purchase of tickets in the shape of a secondary market solution integrated in the online ticket shop. Subject to availability, fans can buy tickets for the derby from other fans at fair prices set by the club up to one day before the game, i.e. 9 March. On successful resale, the exact price paid by the seller for the ticket is refunded. Owing to the high demand, only members with a membership date no later than 31.12.2017 can buy tickets for the derby via the official secondary market (maximum one per member).

Tip: the number of tickets on offer in the online shop tends to increase as the day of the game approaches.

Important: members must log in to the system in order to purchase tickets (subject to availability. If you cannot see the game on logging in, or have problems logging in, please contact the FC St. Pauli ticket office.


If you have purchased a ticket on a platform such as Viagogo or eBay Classifieds, you can contact the FC St. Pauli ticket office at any time to have it checked.

We also offer sellers the opportunity to contact us in advance to pre-empt the consequences of ticket touting.

Email address for black market matters: kartenhandel@fcstpauli.com


Information on the online ticket shop and the official secondary market can be found here.


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